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Hot Stone Massage

postnatal hot stones massage treatment by Fiona Serle

This massage experience combines a unique blend of dynamic massage strokes and heated basalt stones. The outstanding feature is the safe, penetrating heat of the stones that permeates deeply into your muscles and surrounding tissues, providing you with an exceptionally effective and long-lasting massage.

Hot Stones for Wellness

The warmth of the stones causes blood vessels to dilate with a localised increase in blood supply which may aid in the healing process. The soothing heat calms the nervous system encouraging a sense of softening in the muscles and fascial tissues. This softening enables a treatment which feels deeper but without painful pressure. If the use of heat seems appropriate for you, with your agreement, I will utilise the stones as part of a more specific treatment designed to effectively address chronic pain and injury combined with increasing feelings of relaxation, comfort and reduction of stress.

wrist massage with hot stones

I am happy to include the use of stones where appropriate as part of a 60, 90 or 120 minute massage however I do highly recommend specifically booking yourself in for a dedicated 90 minute full body hot stone massage every once in a while for a deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment.