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Fiona Serle Massage clients have said:

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"My massage treatment with Fiona is not only an exquisitely relaxing experience but also clinically effective. As she works, with quiet concentration, you can tell she is assessing and treating as she goes, with intelligence and grace, and with deep empathy. It feels as if she is not only ironing out my hunched up muscles, but also, smoothing out and soothing my entire system, almost at a molecular level. Just wonderful."

Gabe Stewart
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"Always having had back problems I was worried when I got pregnant that my back would be a real problem, but Fiona worked with me from week 18 of my pregnancy to tailor treatment which strengthened my back pre labour and allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy. I have continued to receive regular treatments to aid with pain and restrictions, which have occurred postnatally."

Susanne Godfrey
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"A monthly pregnancy massage was the perfect way to relax prior to the birth of my son and ease any particular aches I was experiencing. It was reassuring to have a massage from Fiona as she understands the issues arising through pregnancy and was able to target areas that were sore (some that I wasn't aware of!)."

Angela Robinson
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"My quality of life has been greatly improved by having a monthly massage specially designed to ease the physical, mental and emotional effects of having had a stoke. I sleep better and find the massage helps me relax."

Denise Beaton
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"I had a severe stroke 17 years ago. As a consequence, my right arm does not have any functional use and tends to curl against my body. I also have pain in my right shoulder and it's really tight. My sessions with Fiona concentrate on these problems. She loosens up my shoulder and makes my arm drop back to my side, reducing the soreness.

When my wife picks me up after a session, she says she can see the difference Fiona has made: not only physical signs but I am more relaxed."

Bob Stewart
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"Couldn’t survive without my monthly sessions with Fiona – her client centred approach means that my session is tailored to my specific needs – I feel relaxed – and most importantly I can keep on running!!"

Gita Sharkey
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"The hour long massage that Fiona gives me once a month provides me with a much-needed opportunity to switch off completely. It's become a staple fixture in my diary. She always uses the perfect pressure (not so gentle that I feel that I'm simply being stroked, and not so firm that it's verging on painful). Incredibly relaxing and highly recommended."

Dawn Kofie
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"I first started seeing Fiona regularly because of a specific back problem. Her massage techniques and advice helped me immediately and the pain has now completely gone. I now value seeing Fiona regularly as a preventative measure. She is very professional and friendly offering whatever fits the bill on that day from a stress-buster massage to a targeted session to help me recover from hill walking, cycling or running. Either way, I always feel amazing afterwards."

Carolyn Younie
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"I have MS and my legs are always stiff and tight, after a massage by Fiona they feel much more relaxed and able to move more freely"

Amy Lawson