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Clinical, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Clinical, deep tissue and sports massage are terms in common usage today – in my experience people regard them as referring to very specific, robust and vigorous treatments that can be very painful. There is a perception that pain is necessary for the massage to work effectively. I, however, have found that causing pain can impede recovery and though my work can at times feel intense it should not cause you to brace, guard, stop breathing or chew the table! If what you want is be painfully pummelled then I am probably not the person for you.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage need not cause more pain

Pain can be debilitating, depressing and demoralising. At times it can become insidious – we can begin to fear our own bodies and this fear can lead to more pain. Massage, through the power of ‘good touch’, impacts on the nervous system and can turn down the volume on pain.

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Often the cause of pain is not where the symptoms are felt and our symptoms may be about more than just biomechanics and structure. Therefore a more holistic view is required that will look at your routines, activities and previous health history to develop a fuller picture of causes and any aggravating factors that may lie behind this pain. Through detailed assessment and discussion of your desired outcome we can arrive at a treatment strategy together- one that supports the healing processes of your body, enables repair, recovers freedom of movement and restores wellbeing.

With a Little Help

Sometimes massage therapy alone may not result in long-term relief of symptoms and a more multi-faceted approach is required. To this end and I am fortunate to have developed a network of trusted professionals in other disciplines and will refer you to those whom I believe will best support you.