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Cancer Care and Oncology Masssage

Massage for people with cancer and cancer histories

Massage, from a qualified practitioner, can be safely received at any stage in a person’s cancer diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment.

For people undergoing medical care soothing and gentle massage provides positive benefits such as reducing the effects of stress and anxiety, improving sleep and energy levels and aiding with reducing feelings of pain.

For people with a history of cancer the therapist needs to have an understanding of how the cancer and medical interventions may have impacted upon the individual and the adaptations that may be required to ensure that the massage remains appropriate, safe and effective.

Pain after cancer is a common occurrence. It can impact on your efforts to get back to your previous activities and be a demoralising reminder of what you have been through. Pain can contribute to feelings of fear and anxiety about a return of the cancer. Massage can help with reducing the pain. It can also help with increasing range of movement post surgery and people experiencing peripheral neuropathy after chemotherapy have reported that massage reduced pain and increased normal sensitivity of fingers and toes.

To further improve your well-being I offer Healthy-Steps classes and one-to-ones. This programme is particularly helpful in supporting good lymphatic flow, vital after removal of or damage to any lymph nodes and for increasing range of movement after surgery or radiation treatment. See my Healthy-Steps page for further details.

Massage For People Living with Cancer Training

To enable me to offer massage for people with cancer and cancer history I have undergone the following training:

  • June 2015 - Massage For People Living With Cancer (Gayle MacDonald M.S., LMT., author of ‘Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People Living with Cancer’)

  • July 2015- Gentle Soft Tissue Mobilization for the Post- Mastectomy and Radiotherapy Client (Jamie Elswick)

  • November 2016 – Level 1 Cancer Care and Oncology Masssage (Iris Cancer Partnership)

  • April 2019 - Advanced Diploma in Oncology Specific Training (Tracey Kiernan- Blend Therapy Training

  • May 2019 - Certification in Oncology Massage Therapy (Susan Findlay)